Beauty of the Burren Walks provide guided walking tours through the Burren Region of County Clare in Ireland.

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We offer guided walking tours in to the heart of the Burren landscape!

The Burren is a National Conservation Area; an amazing limestone escarpment, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Aran Islands and Galway Bay. Burren is an English word from the gaelic “boireann”, a rocky place although the Burren is shaped more by water than by rock. Underground, there are thousands of streams and rivers and it exists because it is perfectly balanced, at the edge of the sea, at the end of the land, made of rock that was once eroded from above and is now being eroded from below.

We offer a full programme of day tours. Each tour covers a broad range of interests such as an introduction to Irish history, the archaeology of the Burren, mythology, the Burren’s unique botany, story telling, folklore and folk traditions, Poteen distilling and much more.

Our walks are sociable and relaxed, interesting and most importantly lots of fun. So choose the tour that suits you best.

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Sample Walks

Please Note: Walkers do so at their own risk!


The stunning Black Head Walk offers possibly the best views in the region surpassing even the Cliffs of Moher Walk. Spectacular views of the rock paving gives way to the Atlantic Ocean, Aran Islands and the mountains of Connemara.

This 2-3 hour walk on green road or limestone paths highlights all the unique features of the Burren. An ancient stone fort provides an ideal spot to rest and have refreshments.

This walk is suitable for children from age 6 years.


The Caher Valley Walk commences with a back road trek through the beautiful ‘Khyber Pass’. A mildly difficult climb to 300 metres brings us to a mountain top green road with spectacular views.

Descent at a relaxing pace along back roads with beautiful views. Return to Fanore beach.

Duration 3- 3.5 hours


Mullach Mór offers a variety of hikes or treks of different duration and difficulty. Ground level walks offer views of the mountain itself with its distinctive features and folds. Upwards way marked trails pass the beautiful Turlough with views of the calcium rich countryside.

Walkers will see part of a famine road, and aspects of glacial action including drumlins and erractics.

Easy to moderate walks of up to 3 hours mostly on uneven paths.